The Lord Lends Us His Right Hand

“Do you need a hand?”
Those five words are very encouraging if you are down and having a hard time getting up. Or, someone may say, “let me give you a hand,” and then, you are able to get up.
Life can knock us down at times. It can hit us with a hay-maker. And when it does, although we want to, we cannot get up. We don’t have the strength. But someone walks up to us and says, “Let me give you a hand.”
In Psalm 138, the Psalmist needed a hand. He said, “I am surrounded by troubles…”
Most of us have been there.
Maybe money is tight.
Maybe you are having some marital problems.
Maybe you struggling some emotionally..
It can be a number of things… we all have trouble of different types.
Have you ever felt that way? You might chuckle and say, “How many times have I felt that way?”
The Psalmist says that even though he is surrounded by troubles, “…you reach out your hand and the power of your right saves me.” Think about the image here… you are sitting down… maybe you have taken a knee… You are having a hard time getting up and someone walks over to you and says, “give me your hand.” Then, with the help of the person who just offered you a hand, you now have the strength to stand up.
Lots of times in life, we need a helping hand. We need someone to just walk up beside us, and give us a hand.
The Lord is reaching out to us today… If you need a hand, the Lord wants to it give it to you.
I encourage you today, to look for someone who may need a hand. Someone who has been knocked down. Reach out and lend them a hand.
The Lord will lend you a hand and you need to lend a hand to others.

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