How Can You Sing The Lord’s Song In A Foreign Land?

Have you ever attended a worship service…. all around you people were singing… but you couldn’t form a word?
Oh, you believed in God. That wasn’t the issue. And you wanted to sing… but it wasn’t happening.
Why? Because your heart was heavy. You were burdened down.
The people of Israel were in the same position. In Psalms 137 the people of Israel found themselves in Babylon… in exile. They were away from home. They were burdened… heavy-hearted… they were hurting so badly they said,”Beside the rivers of Babylon, we sat and wept as we thought of Jerusalem.”
Their minds went back to the city of Jerusalem. They thought of better days… and as they did, they wept.
Then, they put their harps away… they hung them on the poplar trees… you can picture them sitting there trying to make music… they tried and tried and tried until finally, they gave up… they just sat their harp aside… knowing their hearts were too heavy too make a beautiful sound…
Then, they said that their captors were demanding a song from them… they demanded, “Sing us one of those songs of Jerusalem…”
Then they asked, “How can we sing the songs of the Lord while in a pagan land?”
Think about that question; “How can we sing the songs of the Lord while in a pagan land?”
You and I may not be in a pagan land like the Israelites were… but our hearts are heavy nonetheless. Maybe our hearts are heavy due to disappointment… or a divorce… or debt…. or depression… It could be a number of things.
We are hurting… we don’t want to go to church but we know we should… so we dress, we drive to church… we go in and greet everyone doing our best to put up a smile… we take our seat… and eventually worship begins… the worship leader says “Ok, everyone stand and let’s put our hands together for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords… Come on church, let’s worship!”
And all around us people are raising hands and singing at the top of their voices…. but we can’t. We believe the same things the people around us do… but our hearts are heavy…
We know a little of how the Israelites felt… “How can you sing the Lord’s song while in a foreign land?”
If that’s where you are, Jesus will meet you there. There are days when, even though you love the Lord and you believe in the Lord, you just don’t feel like singing. Jesus knows… He’s not angry with us… Your heart is heavy… Maybe you don’t sing audibly… maybe you just hum…
Maybe you can’t even hum… so you just stand… you may even thing “I will just listen as others sing…”
The Lord promised Israel that although they were in a foreign land, they would one day return. He makes the same promise to us. We will get through this. One day, we will again sing the Lord’s song.

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