No One Should Be Excluded From The Gospel

This past week, I saw a picture of a church sign that had a powerful message. The sign read; “I would rather be excluded because of people I included that included because of people I excluded.”
I love that statement!
It is sad but many times, as Christians, we have a tendency to want to exclude people from worship because they are not like us.
I will give you a perfect example. Some time ago, I was chatting on Facebook with a friend who is gay. This individual told me they wanted to find a church but, wasn’t sure where they could attend… in other words, what church would welcome this person. As I thought about all the churches in the area my friend lived, I suggested one church.
After my chat ended I thought,”You know, that’s sad.” Church is for everyone… Jesus died for everyone.
Listen folks, none of us are perfect. Every last one of us are sinners. We need to stop putting fences up around our churches and instead welcome the world with open arms.
Someone might say, “Well, I’m not for allowing a gay or lesbian person in church.” Ok, do you think there is someone worshiping in your church who has had pre-marital sex? Is there someone who has had an affair? Is there someone… maybe even a Deacon.. who isn’t tithing? Those are sins too. So, if you are going to put a fence up around the church, you are going to leave a lot of people out.
In Acts 11, Peter told the people in Jerusalem about his sharing the gospel with Cornelius, a Gentile. After hearing Peter’s story, the leaders of the church realized that the gospel was for everyone.
The gospel is for ALL people. Regardless of color, ethnicity, socio-economic status, education etch…. The gospel is for everyone.
No one should be excluded.

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