The Need For Encouragement

Encouragement is something all of us need at times. Life is filled with adversity and challenges and we all need someone who will speak a positive word of encouragement. Barnabas was an encourager.
In Acts 9, the apostle Paul had gone to Jerusalem. The other Christians were apprehensive about him because of his past. They had heard that he had been converted but they weren’t sure if it was true. So, no one would step out and greet Saul and make him welcome… until Barnabas did.
The Bible says that Barnabas stepped forward and “took hold of him and brought him to the apostles.” Barnabas “took hold of him.”
In the midst of a crowd of people who weren’t sure about Saul, Barnabas stepped forward. All of us need a Barnabas in our lives. We all need someone who will “take hold of us” at times.
We need someone who will “take a hold of us” when we are down. There is someone you know who is discouraged. Maybe the Lord is prompting you to “take hold of them” and encourage them.
Maybe someone is struggling financially. Maybe God wants you to help them…
Maybe . someone has taken a new job and they are nervous. Maybe the Lord wants you to “take hold of them” and encourage them.
Last year, one day I received a package. I opened it and there was a Master’s shirt in it and a note from a man in our Sunday School class. The note was a letter of encouragement to me. I kept that note and every now and then, I pull it out and read it.     Each time I read it, it encourages me.
Today, be a Barnabas to someone… encourage someone.
Bob Goff has said, “Embrace uncertainty. Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won’t have a title until much later.”

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