The Privilege Of Prayer

One of the great blessings of the Christian life is prayer. Through prayer, human beings can talk to God. Through prayer we can share our burdens and concerns with God. Through prayer we can ask God for direction.

In I Kings 8, Solomon is dedicating the temple to God. Throughout the prayer he talks about things that could happen in the future. Each time he prays that if those things happen, “then hear from heaven and judge between your Servants…” Solomon repeats the phrase, “…then hear from heaven “ several times in the text.

That is our prayer as well…that God will hear from heaven when we pray and, we can be assured that God does hear from heaven.

Today, whatever is on your heart…when you pray, God heats from heaven.

Are you burdened-down? God hears from heaven.

Do you need direction? God hears from heaven.

Have you sinned and you need forgiveness? God hears from heaven.

Is your money tight and you are struggling to pay the bills? God hears from heaven.

As Christians, there is only three things that may block our prayers; If there is unconfessed sin in our hearts….if our motives are wrong or there is bitterness between us and a fellow man.

So today, if your heart is clear and you are truly seeking God’s will and there is no bitterness between you and someone else, God will “hear from heaven” and answer our prayers.

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