“Play The Man, Master Ridley!”

“Take courage and be a man.”
That’s what David said to his son Solomon just before David died. “Take courage and be a man.”
What did David mean by that? He was challenging Solomon to grow up… to take responsibility. At times today, someone may get frustrated with someone’s lack of maturity and they may say, “Oh, grow up!”
That means, “stop being so immature… so childish… grow up!”
Lots of us need to grow up. Growing up means to take responsibility for something instead of blaming someone else.
Growing up means to set aside childish ideas and things.
Growing up means doing the right thing.
It may be that someone reading this needs to grow up. You may be forty-fifty or maybe even sixty years old, but you are still immature. You need to grow up.
You need to accept responsibility. Stop blaming your parents or your environment. You are your own person. Stop blaming others and grow up.
In the fifteen-hundred’s in England, Anglican Bishops Nicholas Ridley, Hugh Latimer and John Cranmer were tried for heresy due to their religious beliefs. As a result, they were burned at the stake. Latimer was burned at the stake along with Nicholas Ridley. He is quoted as having said to Ridley;
“Play the man, Master Ridley; we shall this day light such a candle, by God’s grace, in England as I trust shall never be put out.”
“Play the man!” In other words, “be strong!” God is challenging us to “play the man! Grow up! Be mature! Take responsibility!”
Join me today as we grow in the Lord.

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