“We Love You” Said The Groom’s Mother To The Groom

“We love you.”
That’s what the mother of the groom whispered to her son, Reid Bass, as we walked in for a wedding last night. As Reid and I walked in, a group of violins were playing. We walked in front of Reid’s mom and dad and I heard Mrs. Bass say softly, “We love you.”
I can imagine about twenty-plus years were rolling thru her mind as she was watching her son about to be married. She probably remembered him as a baby… a toddler… a child, a teenager and now, as an adult, about to marry his bride.
Then, as his bride, Margarette Keapler made her way down the aisle, I watched as this groom, a member of the Air Force, wept as his beautiful bride came down the aisle.
“We love you…” three little powerful words…
As I heard those words, I thought, “That’s what the Lord is saying to this world today…”
“I love you…”
In spite of our sin and mistakes, the Lord loves us.
The mistake we made several days ago? It’s done… the Lord tells us to forget it and move forward.
The mistakes from our past? They are forgiven.
Just as Jesus forgave Simon Peter, He forgives us.
He loves us.
Today, it may be that you are going through a tough time. Maybe you feel like no one loves you. Maybe you feel like the world doesn’t even care that you exist. I promise, Jesus loves you and Jesus cares and others care as well.
This morning, as you are about to be on your way with the days activities, Jesus says to you, “I love you.”
You may slip today but, I still love you.
Jesus isn’t hanging onto our past indiscretions. He isn’t reminding us of our addiction problems. He isn’t reminding us of the financial mistake we made.
Rest in Jesus love today.

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