Jesus Can Give Us Peace

A feeling of contentment… happiness…
Everyone needs peace and unfortunately, lots of people go about finding peace the wrong way.
Some may take a trip reasoning that a change of scenery is what they need. And, at times, a trip may do us some good.
Others may stop at the bar for happy-hour. They have a few drinks… the alcohol gets in their system and they have a tendency to sort of forget their problems. They feel they have peace.. for a little while at least.
Others may go on a shopping spree. They buy some new clothes or a technological gadget and the euphoria of their purchase makes them feel better…. until the new wears off the purchase.
We can have lasting, permanent peace. In John 20, when Jesus spoke to His disciples He said, “Peace be with you.”
Jesus wants to give us all lasting peace… not temporary but lasting.
So, how does that happen? It happens through trusting Christ as our Savior… it happens through allowing the Spirit to fill our lives daily…
Paul said one of the fruits of the spirit is… “Love…. joy… PEACE.” So peace comes from allowing the Spirit to reign in our lives.
Are you at peace with the Lord today? If not, you can be.
Are you experiencing the peace of God by doing God’s will in your life?
Are you at peace with your fellow man? If you aren’t, I encourage you to take care of that.
The Lord wants us to have peace. If you don’t have peace, Jesus wants to give it to you today.

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