Bill Buckner – The Legacy Of How To Handle A Mistake

Bill Buckner died Monday. Ok, lots of people know exactly who Bill Buckner is. But some may have ever heard of him or, they’ve heard of him but that’s as far as it goes. Who was Bill Buckner?
He was a Major League Baseball Player. But, there are lots of Major League Player’s. So why do I point out Bill Buckner’s death?
It’s because Bill Buckner is unfortunately known for a mistake he made.
It was the ’86 World Series. The Red Sox were playing the Mets. It was the ninth inning. Mookie Blalock of the Mets hit a slow-grounder down the first-base line and Bill Buckner moved over to catch it. As he went down to catch it, the ball went right under his glove and continued to roll. The Mets won the game. Bill Buckner, had missed an easy ground-ball on national television that would haunt him for years. Buckner received death-threats for his mistake.
But in 2005 Buckner was invited to throw-out the first pitch in a Red Sox game where the players would receive their rings from winning the 2004 World Series.
Buckner could have refused.. he could have said “No, the fans treated me so bad after my mistake I’m never coming back to Fenway Park.” That’s what he COULD have said.
But he didn’t. He accepted the invitation and Bill Bucker received a standing ovation from Red Sox fans. All was forgiven.
Bill Buckner is a reminder to us that mistakes happen in life. Most mistake’s aren’t as public as Bill Buckner’s mistake. His mistake was letting a baseball roll between his legs during game six of the World Series on national TV.
Have you messed up? We all have, friend. Ok, pick yourself up, brush yourself off and press on.
An old proverb says, “Fall seven times, get up eight.”
I John 1:9 says, “If you confess your sins, Jesus is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”
Jesus will forgive you of your mistake. He loves us.. So accept His forgiveness today.

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