How Do We Handle It When God Says “No?”

We all like answered prayers. I mean, when we pray and God answers, we love it! We may post it on social media and tell the world! We may say, “God is good, all the time. God is good!” And God is good! But, God is also good when God says “No” to our prayers.
In II Samuel 7, David wanted to build a temple. But God spoke to Nathan the prophet and told him David was not to build the temple but instead, his son would build the temple.         So, Nathan now has to go and tell King David that God said “No.” Nathan probably worried, “How would David handle this?” Would David get angry? Or, would he accept it?
The Bible says David accepted it. David was willing to accept God’s will.
What about us? Are we willing to accept it if God says “No.” Maybe we need to think about why God says “No.” When God says “No” to our prayers it is because of one of two things;
1) We aren’t ready
2) It’s not the right time
It may be that you have prayed for something that hasn’t happened. Ok, either you aren’t ready or it’s not the right time. But know this; God loves us and wants the best for us. It’s not like God is trying to withhold something from us if we don’t get a “yes” from God. It may be that we are not gifted for a position we want. It may be that we wouldn’t be a good fit.
It is always better to be in God’s will. So, if God says “No,” there is a good reason for it. We should trust the Lord and His timing. And, sometimes that’s easier said than done but, we know God loves us so whatever God does in our lives, it’s for the best.

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