Did Someone Drop You?

Did someone drop you?
That’s what happened with Mephibosheth. Let me explain.
Mephibosheth was the son of Jonathan. When Mephibosheth was a child, a nurse had dropped him and because of that he was lame. Mephibosheth had done nothing wrong but… someone dropped by and thus, he was a cripple.
The same can happen with us. Someone drops us and it can affect us all our lives.. if we let it.
I’m not minimizing what’s happened to any of us.
Someone may have grown up in an abusive home. And, if you did, that can leave permanent scars.
Someone maybe had parents or some adult tell us we would never amount to anything or, we weren’t as smart as one of our siblings.
Someone lost a job when they did nothing to warrant that action.
The list could go on and on.
Someone dropped you… you didn’t cause them to drop you.. but it happened. Now, what can you do?
We . may struggle with it for a while. It happens…
Or, we may decide we are going to move on. Life did deal us a bad hand but, that doesn’t mean our hand in life has to continue to be bad. By God’s grace, we can forward… we HAVE to move forward… we have no choice. Moving forward is much better than the alternative which is to sit and sulk.
Today, by God’s grace, move forward.
There is a scene in “Lonesome Dove” where Gus is about to ride into Blue Duck’s camp and rescue Lorenna. July Johnson is a sheriff from Arkansas who wants to go with Gus. Gus tells him to stay and help protect a girl and July’s deputy. But he won’t listen… insisting to ride with Gus.
So, Gus and July ride into Blue Duck’s camp. They kill everyone and rescue Lorenna. But while they re gone, Blue Duck kills the girl and the deputy. When July finds this he says, “I should have stayed… I should have stayed.”
Gus says, “I’m sure you wish you did but yesterday is gone and we can’t get it back.”
Friend, yesterday is gone… someone may have dropped you but by God’s grace you can move on.

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