The Key To Greatness As A Christian

When I was Pastor of FBC Vancleave, MS, one Sunday morning I saw a picture of service. I was walking through the Preschool department and I saw a man named Preston Tootle sitting in the floor playing with children. Ok, no big deal, right? Well, the reason it impressed me was, Preston was a big man. He was built kind of like me. 🙂 So, here was a man who was not small… who had gotten down in the floor to play with children. That image has stayed with me. It was a picture of service.
In John 13, Jesus gave His disciples a picture of service. Washing someone’s feet was a task for a home-servant. Yet, in the upper room, Jesus took a towel and washed the feet of His disciples. It was a lesson to the disciples that greatness in the Kingdom of God is found in service.
That is still true today. The church today has been influenced by the corporate mentality of our day. In the corporate mindset, titles are important. In the corporate mindset, position is important.
But in the Kingdom of God, service is important. You want to be great in the Kingdom of God; serve!
If you want to live for Christ… if you want to bring glory to Jesus; serve… minister…
Teach Sunday School… work with children…visit a Senior Adult… visit the hospital… the nursing home…
Dr. Paul Powell was one of my favorite Preachers. He had a saying he often repeated to His church; “Off your seat, onto your feet and into the streets!”
That should be our motto as well.
Help someone today…

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