What Is Your Guide For Living?

What is your life based on? What set of values do you use in decision-making? For the Christian, our lives are based on the Bible, God’s word. But, if a person is not a believer the Bible does not guide their decision-making. I was made aware of this recently.
I was talking with an individual and the subject turned to sex. One person asked, “Is it really wrong to have pre-marital sex?”
I replied that it was.
This person found that hard to believe and asked why it was wrong? I replied that God wants us to be sexually pure for our life-long mate. Then ,this individual began to discuss some reasons it should be ok to have pre-marital sex.
At this time, I pulled out my phone and went to Hebrews 13;4 which reads, “Marriages is honorable in all and the bed undefiled.”  I shared this verse with the person I was talking to. In doing so, the individual sort of scoffed and dismissed the verse…like, it really doesn’t matter what the Bible says.
When that happened, I thought, “This is why this individual believes as they do… the Bible is my guide for living but for this person, it’s not.”
I’m not patting myself on the back here… I am FAR from being the perfect Christian. But, I do try to make decisions based on principles found in God’s word.
What is your guide for living? Is it the Bible? If it’s not, it should be. The Bible is God’s word… it is “truth without any mixture of error.” We can live our lives based on the principles and teachings of God’s word.

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