Yes Episcopalians Love The Lord

Yesterday I officiated a wedding in Cleveland, Ga. While at the reception, a lady walked up to me and introduced herself. We chatted for a few minutes.
Then, her husband walked up. I noticed his tie… it had the symbol of the Episcopal Church on it. We chatted about the tie and the lady shared an experience she had in the past. She said that at some point, she was talking with a lady and explained that she and her husband attend the Episcopal Church. Then, the lady said, “And you love Jesus too?”
I don’t know this lady and do not want to judge but, it sounded as if she wasn’t sure if Episcopalians love Jesus. The lady and I both shared a good laugh.
But I thought about what she said…
My guess is, this young lady wasn’t sure about the Episcopal church. She probably attended a church of another denomination and who knows what she had been told about Episcopal’s.
Yes, there are some doctrinal differences between my denomination, SBC and Episcopal’s. But, there are also doctrinal differences between Baptist and Methodists and Presbyterians and Pentecostals.
Folks, every Christian church loves Jesus. We all love the same Lord but we may express it differently. We need to get away from this idea that our denomination… our church… is superior to others.
My friend said, “Episcopalians have to show the Baptists how to dance.”
Well, I’m open to any lessons but, this Baptist has danced a little.
Yes, Episcopalians love the Lord. Baptists love the Lord… Presbyterians, Methodists, Pentecostals, Catholics, Church of Christ, etc… love the Lord.
Let’s worship our Savior and not get hung up on the differences.

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