Living For The Approval Of The Lord

Everyone is made with the need for affirmation. That is how God wired us. And sometimes, in order to meet that need, we can become people-pleasers.
Perhaps we long for the approval of our Parents so we do things to please them. Or, maybe we want the approval of our boss or our Coach or maybe a neighbor.
In high-school, kids want the approval of their friends and because of this, they can succumb to peer-pressure.
But, the one we should want the approval of, is Jesus. In John 5:41, Jesus said to the religious leaders, “Your approval means nothing to me…” Jesus wasn’t interested in pleasing the religious establishment. He wanted to please His Father. Jesus added that He wasn’t interested in pleasing these folks, “because I know you don’t have God’s love within you.”
The only people we should be interested in pleasing is the Lord and anyone who is drawing us closer to the Lord. There may be someone who is having a detrimental impact on you… Someone you are trying to please or, someone you want to be friends with but they are not leading you closer to the Lord. Don’t ruin your life trying to please others.
Vince Lombardi, legendary Coach of the Green Bay Packers used to tell his team, “Gentleman, our priorities should be in this order; God, family and the Green Bay Packers.”
Our priorities should be similar. Don’t yearn for the approval of others; live for the Lord and His approval.

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