“Would You Like To Get Well?”

“Would you like to get well?”
That’s what Jesus asked the lame man at the pool of Bethesda.
That may seem like a ridiculous question… “Would you like to get well?”
I mean, everyone who is sick wants to get well, right?
Not necessarily. There are some who, although they may not admit it, they would sort of rather remain sick. Why is that?
Some, do not want to do what it takes to get well. Getting well involves doing something or changing something and they really don’t want to do it. So, they remain ill. For example, in order for an alcoholic to get well, they have to admit they have a problem and then, go to therapy. But, the big issue is, they have to give up alcohol and that may sound like too tall of a task for them. They are addicted to alcohol… They want alcohol… so they don’t change.
Others may like the sympathy that comes from being sick. Because they are sick, people often sympathize with them. They like that and they know it would stop if they are well so, they remain ill.
And there are other reasons. But the bottom line is, there are people who really don’t want to get well. It would hurt too much or it would cause them to miss something they enjoy.
What about us? Do we want to get well? If we do, Jesus says to all of us, “I will help you..” But, it begins with us.
There is nothing we are facing that is too big for Jesus. Now, we may face some consequences of our actions… But Jesus can give us the strength to handle anything.
So today, if you are sick… regardless if it’s physical sickness or emotional… Jesus wants to help us.
He’s asking us; “Do you want to get well?”
And assuming we do, He will help. He’s reaching out to us now… Take His hand… He wants to help us be healed of whatever we are struggling with.

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