God: Our Kinsman Redeemer

Have you ever been in a situation where, you were essentially out of money and you needed help? Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to call someone but no one was available? Very possibly you have and we need to know that when we are in those situations, the Lord is with us. We find a story about that in the book of Ruth. It is a story about how a man named Boaz became Ruth’s kinsman-redeemer.
Ruth and her sister-in-law, Orpah, had married Naomi’s boys, Mahlon and Chilion.
But, both of them had died. Naomi was going back to her home-land. She told Ruth and Orpah to stay in the land but Ruth felt the need to go with her mother and she did.
Upon arriving home, Naomi told Ruth to go the fields and there she would be allowed to harvest some wheat since she was a widow. A man named Boaz spotted her. He asked who Ruth was? He was told she was the daughter-in-law of Naomi.
In those days, there was a custom known as a “kinsman redeemer.” A kinsman-redeemer meant you were the closest of kin to someone and because of that it was your responsibility to take care of someone.
Boaz stood in the city gate and found the man who was to be the kinsman-redeemer of Ruth. Boaz bought Naomi’s land from the man and, he inherited Ruth.
So, because of the kinsman-redeemer, Ruth, the young widow, was being taken care of.
The same is true for us. God is our kinsman-redeemer and promises to take care of us. Are you going through a tough time? Is money short? Are you facing some adversity?       God, our kinsman-redeemer plans to take care of us.

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