Be Wise In Who You Marry

Marriage is a very serious matter. When a young man and young woman decide to marry, they are making a commitment to the one they are marrying. They are marrying their life-long mate. Because of that, we need to be careful who we marry. We need to marry someone who shares our values.
In Judges 14:3, there is the story of a man named Samson who wanted a wife from the Philistines. The Philistines did not serve God so Samson’s parents asked objected to his choice of a bride. They said, “Isn’t there even one woman in our tribe or among all the Israelites you could marry?” they asked. “Why must you go to the pagan Philistines to find a wife?”
They wanted Samson to marry someone who shared their values. Someone who believed in God. And, we should want the same.
II Corinthians 6:14 says, “Do not be unequally yoked.” That verse teaches that Christian young people should marry a Christian. Now, someone might say, “Wait… aren’t Christians supposed to build relationships with non-Christians in hopes of winning them to the Lord?” Yes, but marriage isn’t the place to do that.. unless when we begin dating, the person is not a believer but then, they accept Christ.
This same principle applies to friends. Christians need to be careful who they are friends with. We should have some non-Christian friends… we can’t win someone to the Lord unless we know some non-Christians… but, we shouldn’t let non-Christians change us.
So, young man or young lady, if you are a Christian, you don’t need to marry a non-believer. You might say, “But I will change them.” Some may but most don’t. You don’t need to marry someone who does not share your Christian values. I can promise you, it will become an issue.
Samson wanted to marry someone who didn’t worship God. His weakness was women and it eventually brought him down. Be careful that your friends don’t lead you down the wrong path.

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