Jesus Came To Earth To Be With Us

When our children are small, at times, if a storm comes up or if they have a bad dream, they might get out of bed and come to our rooms, wake us up and say something like, “Daddy” or “Mommy,” I’m scared. When this happens, most of the time we put them in the bed with us, hug them, maybe kiss them on the forehead and say, “That’s ok, sweetie; it’s going to be ok.” But, at times, instead of putting them in bed with us, we go with them and we get in the bed with them. And, we assure them everything will be ok.
In John 1:14, the Bible says that Jesus basically got in bed with us and assured us He loved us. The Bible ays, “The word became flesh and dwelt among us” (John 1:14).
Jesus Christ, Son of God, left heaven and came to earth. He did that, to save us and to demonstrate His love for us. This should be a reminder to us that Jesus loves us. He loves us so much, He took on human flesh and came to this earth. All because He loves us.
Are you going through some anxiety today? Are you worried about a new job? Are you facing some adversity? Jesus wants to walk with us.. He wants to be with us. He loves us. Let that sink in and e thankful for the love of Christ today.

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