Everyone Means Something To Someone

“Everyone means something to someone” so, treat everyone with dignity.
The late President George H.W. Bush said that to a former Marine. That Marine was in the men’s store where I work part-time in Kennesaw. He was in last Saturday.
I asked the man what he did and he is a retired Marine. He said that at one time, he was stationed at the White House during former President Bush Sr.’s Presidency. He said that just months before the end of his term he said, “Allen, remember that everyone means something to someone.”
Those words made an impression on that Marine because thirty years later, he remembers them. But think about those words; “Everyone means something to someone.”
That is a very simple statement… only five words… but it’s also a powerful statement. Every person, regardless of color, nationality, creed etc… means something to someone. That statement served as a guide to President Bush on dealing with people. It reminded him to be kind to people and to treat people right.
It should do the same with us. Every day, we meet people. Everyone we meet is special. Oh, their income’s will vary. Some are driving nicer vehicles. Some have more education. Some may live in nicer neighborhoods. But everyone of them, mean something to someone.
Or, let’s go one step farther… Jesus died for every person. Jesus loves us. Jesus cares. It has been said . that if we were the only person on earth, Jesus would still have died for us.
So, today, every person you meet is special. Treat everyone with respect cause everyone means something to someone.

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