What Expectations Are You Living By?

Are you living with ridiculous or at the least, unrealistic expectations? If you are, it can make your life miserable. Last night, I was reminded of that.
I did a wedding yesterday afternoon and then, Holli and I attended the reception. The family had hired a band. We ate our meal and and, the band began playing and people started dancing.
In years past, I’ve been with Holli to the school prom and I’ve been to a few receptions that had DJ’s or bands. And, most of the time, I watched as others danced. I would sit at the table and sing the song or dance with my feet while sitting. But I didn’t dance because, as a Baptist preacher, we don’t believe in dancing, or so I’m told.. Even though we believed the Bible is God’s word, we evidently don’t believe that verse in Psalms about David dancing. 🙂 But back to the dancing.
But last night as the band began to play, Holli and I danced. Well, we moved around.. 🙂 I looked around at the others dancing. I have no idea what their background was but, I thought, is the Lord angry at us for dancing? Is He going to Zap all of us because we were dancing? I don’t think so. For the most part, what most of us were doing may not have even qualified as dancing. 🙂
As we danced I thought about the number of times I had not danced, even though I wanted to, because, I’m a Preacher and Preacher’s aren’t supposed to dance. I was living with the expectations others placed on me.
I got to thinking about expectations. A lot of what we do or don’t do in life is based on expectations others have of us. There may be some things we don’t do because, “well, it wouldn’t look good.” And sometimes, that is legit… There may be some things that we don’t need to do.
But there are also times when there is something we want to do but don’t do it because of someone’s ridiculous expectations. I believe you can love Jesus and have fun. Jesus said, “I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly” (Jn. 10:10).
So, what expectations are you living by? Are they realistic or ridiculous? If they are realistic, fine, continue with your life. But if they are ridiculous, take them off and LIVE life.
The ONLY expectations that matters, are the one’s Jesus has for us.

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