“Yahweh-Shalom” – The Lord Is My Peace

Do you have peace?
Hopefully you do but lots of people do not. Peace is being content with where we are are in life. Peace is doing what we believe God wants us to do.
In Judges 6:24, Gideon had experienced a visit with an angel. This angel was announcing to him that God wanted him to lead Israel into battle. Then, the angel disappeared.
Then Gideon built an altar there and named it, “Yahweh-Shalom” which means “the Lord is my peace.” So, do you have peace? If not, the Lord wants to give it to us.
How can we experience peace?
First, by believing in Jesus as our Savior. Man is made to have a relationship with God so until we have that relationship, we will not experience peace. Do you know the Lord personally? Have you asked Him to forgive you of your sins?
Second, by living for Jesus as Lord. God has a plan for each of our lives and we will not be happy outside of that plan. Do you have peace that you are doing what God wants you to do?
Third, we need to be at peace with our fellow man. Is there someone that you are bitter with? Is there someone to forgive or ask forgiveness? You will not be at peace until you are at peace with your fellow man.
Recently, I watched a special on Ted Williams, former baseball player with the Boston Red Sox. Williams was a great hitter! But he had some bitterness in him as well.
On one occasion, some fans booed him and he became angry. He decided right there to not doff his cap anymore.. an expression that basically means “thank you,” to baseball fans when he hit a home run. In the last at-bat of his career he hit a home-run. He thought about doffing his cap then but didn’t do it because he had said he never would. Ted Williams, although a great baseball player, was not at peace.
Are you at peace? Are you trying to find peace in alcohol? Drugs? A vacation? A shopping spree? None of that will bring you lasting peace. It only comes through the Lord.
You can be at peace today but asking the Lord for peace and following HIs direction in your life.
“Yahweh-Shalom;” the Lord wants you to have peace.

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