Satan Tempted Judas – He Tempts Us As Well

Since the beginning of time, there has been a battle between right and wrong; between good and evil. The Bible tells us that Satan was originally an angel but he wanted to be God so he rebelled and when he did, God kicked him out of heaven. From that point, Satan has prowled the earth tempting people and using people to do evil things. Satan is an enemy of God.
Satan even led Judas Iscariot, one of Jesus disciples, to betray Jesus. In Luke 22:6, the Bible says “Then Satan entered into Judas Iscariot.” So Satan used Judas to betray Jesus, the Son of God.
We may think, “How did that happen?” Satan could have given Judas the idea and it went from there. I mean, why would anyone want to betray Jesus? Jesus had done nothing but good. But somehow, Satan led Judas to do it.
The name “Judas Iscariot,” is synonmous with betrayal which is not how anyone wants to be remembered. Just as Satan entered into Judas, every day,
Satan is tempting people.
Satan tempts us to believe that it’s ok to say something bad about a person.
Satan tempts us to believe that consuming alcohol won’t hurt us.
Satan tempts us to believe that having sex just once is ok… Nothing is likely to happen…. just have sex once but don’t have it any more.
Satan tempts us to believe that lying is ok if it helps us sell something or, gets us out of trouble.
Satan tempts us to do drugs, just once… because we won’t to be cool and being cool means doing things you shouldn’t do.
Satan tempts the church member to say bad things about a member of a church staff.
Satan tempts us to believe there is nothing wrong with missing worship… after all, we’ve had a bad week…
And the list could go on…
Satan is roaming around the earth, “seeking someone to devour” (I Peter 5:8).
That “someone” could be us… so we have to be careful. Satan is powerful, but Jesus is more powerful.

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