When The Future Is Dark… Trust The Lord

It’s Saturday morning in Jerusalem. As the sun begins to rise, for the most part, it’s quiet across the land. People are still thinking about what happened on Friday.
There was a crucifixion held. The Roman’s had crucified people before so that in itself didn’t really shock anyone. But this crucifixion… well… this one involved a man named Jesus Christ. He said he was the Messiah sent by God but the religious leaders considered His statements blasphemy. In fact, in the past, others had same the same thing so, as far as they were concerned, Jesus was just another false Messiah.
As the sun had set on the day of Passover, Jesus had been buried. His followers were sad. Others were happy… Some thought, “Ok, the false Messiah is gone… it’s time to get on with life.”
How did His followers feel? Nothing is recorded in Scripture but let’s try to imagine. His followers were sad… they believed Jesus was the Messiah. They were certain He was. They had placed their hope in Him… Now, he’s gone. So what does the future hold?
Have you ever been where those followers of Christ were? You wish you knew the future but you don’t? You wish you had a clue but you don’t? So what do you do?
There is only one thing you can do.. keep holding onto and trusting God. You trust God for direction. You trust God for provision. You trust God for comfort.
These disciples had absolutely no idea what was about to happen. As the sun rose across Jerusalem on Sunday morning, some ladies would go to Jesus’ tomb and there, they would discover the stone was rolled away and Jesus was alive. But on Saturday, the disciples didn’t now that was going to happen. So they had to cling to God.
It may be that you are in that position now. You do not know what the future holds. Maybe you lost your job… or your spouse has said, “I want a divorce,” or you going through some other stuff. You do not know what tomorrow brings… you would like to know… so, where do you turn? What do you do? You do the only thing you can; you believe in and trust in God.
Now let’s think about that a minute. It’s easy to say “trust in God..” It’s easy to say… “just trust, friend.” In fact, it sounds really spiritual to tell someone, “Just trust in God.”
But why? Why should we? Because we believe God is real and wants to hear from His children and God wants the best for us. We will not understand everything God does… and for that matter, we don’t need to try to explain things that we simply don’t understand… but we trust God.
Today is Saturday… on Sunday, we celebrate Jesus resurrection!
On Saturday… we are dazed… confused…trust God… He loves us and wants the best for us.
Your world may be as black as it can get… But God is there in the darkness.. Trust Him.

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