“There Is Hope On Easter ‘Because He Lives.’”

It’s Easter Sunday morning and folks are gathering for worship. There is always a little more excitement in the air on Easter. The Pastor has likely studied a little more and prayed a little harder over his Sunday sermon. The Music Director is also excited over the special Easter solo he will sing.
As people begin gathering, most are smiling…it’s Easter…you are supposed to smile…but, behind those smiles, there are some concerns and heavy hearts.
There is Mrs. Smith; this is her first Easter without Mr. Smith. They were married fifty-five years and were faithful church members. One of Mr. Smith’s favorite Easter songs was “Because Of Lives.” When the church sang that song, Mr. Smith would sing his heart out. Today, when that song is sung, Mrs. Smith will likely tear up remembering how her husband of fifty plus years loved it so.
And there is Chrissy Jones and her three kids. Chrissy and her husband divorced last year. This Easter it was hard getting the kids dressed, putting on a smile and going to church. But, Chrissy Jones is a tough little lady and she made it. No, shes not bubbling inside but she’s there.
And there is Charlie and Ann Burgess. They have been married for thirty years but there marriage is struggling. Ann is praying this won’t be their last Easter as husband and wife.
A young lady drives up with two children. She’s not a Christian. But she’s going through a tough time. Her money is tight and she’s constantly tired from working as a waitress. She has lots of questions about the religious stuff but, “what can it hurt?” she thought, and she’s trying church on this Easter.
As the church sings “Because He Lives” some will think of their loved-ones buried in the cemetery by the church. They believe that one day they will see their loved-one again, “Because He Lives.”
So it’s Easter Sunday and although everyone smiles underneath, there is some pain and others are searching. But, they bring their pain and their queations and they come to Jesus. They believe He rose from the grave two-thousand years ago and they believe, “life is worth the living, just because He lives.”

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