The God Of The Second Chance

Yesterday, I did a post on a young man I met in McDonald’s in Brandon who had been incarcerated but upon his release, was given a job by a lady at McDonald’s. I looked this morning and that post has received 1000 + “likes.” It obviously touched some people. And it did in part, because this young man has been given a second chance.
Years ago, a friend of man in Brookhaven, MS said to me, “We serve a God of the second chance.” He’s exactly right; we do. Frances King is giving people who have been incarcerated a second chance by giving them a job at McDonald’s. The Lord will give an of us a second-chance if we ask.
And we need to do the same. We need more Frances King’s in the world… People who are willing to take a risk on a person.
Do you think you have messed up son bad God won’t forgive you? You are wrong… we serve a God of the second chance.
We visited St. Patricks Cathedral last week. It’s a large church right in the area of Times Square. While we were in the church, I noticed a lady come in. She crossed and then, I presumed she was going to sit down. I had no clue who the lady was. But, in the middle of the day, she felt led to go to the church. There she would pray. Perhaps she was pray for a 2nd chance.
Is there someone you need to give a second chance? Someone that has asked for another chance but you have rejected them? I encourage you today, to follow the example of Jesus and be willing to give a 2nd chance.

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