Trust – The Foundation Of Any Relationship.

New York City has a reputation for being unfriendly and, at least in part, that is true. There are millions of people and few if any, are talking to one another. Lots of people have earbuds in their ear as they sit on the subway or walk about the city. The subway can be filled with people and no one is talking. Many of their heads down looking at their phones.

But, I think some of the reason they are unfriendly is they don’t trust anyone. Everyone is a stranger and you don’t trust a stranger. When Holli and I got off the boat to see the Statue Of Liberty, I noticed a group of young girls dressed alike. They were on a field trip and probably went to a Catholic school. I spoke to one of the young teachers. She was very unfriendly. I was a stranger and she didn’t trust me.

Trust isn’t just a problem in NYC, none of us can do business with someone you can’t trust. A marriage has to have trust. Their must be trust between friends.

Question; Are you trustworthy? Can someone tell you something in confidence and be confident you won’t repeat it? Do you do what you say you will do?

All of us should be trustworthy people. It is the foundation of any relationship.

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