Try A Little Kindness

Yesterday, while waiting for our flight, I chatted with a guy from India. Trying to find common ground, I mentioned Ghandi. The man replied; “…..Ghandi.”

I thought to myself, “Ok, so he’s not a fan of Ghandi.”

He went on to add, “Ghandi taught all that if they hit you on one cheek, turn the other cheek. That doesn’t work anymore.”

I didn’t try to change his mind…I didn’t think it would work…but I disagree with him…you can be kind to others and succeed.

Now fast-forward 3 hours.

When our plane landed in Atlanta the flight attendant said, “Welcome to Atlanta….Blah blah…thank you for flying Southwest and….remember, be kind to one another.”

So one guy says kindness doesn’t work. Another guy says it does. I’m with the flight attendant; we can be kind to one another. Jesus called it the Golden Rule; “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

This world needs more kindness. We can disagree with people and still be kind. We can come from different backgrounds and still be kind.

Glenn Campbell used to sing,

“You’ve got to try a little kindness

Yes show a little kindness.

Just shine your light for everyone to see.

And if you’ll try a little kindness

You’ll overlook the blindness

Of the narrow-minded people on the narrow-minded streets.”

Yes, kindness still works.

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