“We All Want To Be Somebodies”

Sunday night, we were walking through Time’s Square. To our right, there were four young women, all dressed alike, dancing. I watched them for a few minutes and I asked Sarah what they were doing? She said, “They are nobodie trying to be somebody.”.
I asked her to elaborate. She said, “They are filming a music video to give to someone…hoping someone will like them.”
They are nobodie’s trying to be somebody.” As I rolled that over in in my mind, I told Sarah, “that’s not bad… everyone wants to be somebody.”
But, you don’t have to make a music video to be “somebody.” Jesus loves all… music video or not.
Let’s imagine what may happen to those girls. They were all beautifiul girls… Their goal, their dream, is to become famous by making a music video. But, there are probably lots of others with the same dream.
These girls will take the video they made.. the video they put their into and they will take it to a producer who will either sign those girls or, he will tell them he isn’t interested. At that point, those girls are likely to be let down… disappointed.. Their dream of being a “somebody” would be gone.
But, all of us are “somebodies” with the Lord. Your background doesn’t matter. Your level of education doesn’t matter. Your level of income doesn’t matter.
You are “somebody” with the Lord. Jesus loves you and accepts you… music video or not.

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