St. Paul’s Church – A Place Of Refuge In New York City

About two blocks from the 911 Memorial site there is St. Paul’s Church. George Washington had prayer in this church on the day of his inauguration. On the day the towers were attacked, this church received no damage. In a time of terrorism and fear, the church stood… In the middle of one of the largest cities in the world, this church is a place of refuge.
In Deuteronomy 19, God tells Moses to build cities of refuge for Israel. The cities of refuge were to be places where someone could go and be protected and find peace.
We all need a place of refuge. A safe peace… a peaceful place, in a fast-paced that at times, has few if any values.
I walked into St.Paul’s church yesterday. You have to go through a metal detector to get in. But once you are in, it is a quiet, serene place. A quiet place in the midst of a loud, fast-moving city.
St. Paul’s church stands as a place of refuge for anyone who desires it.
St. Paul’s church, a place where the good news of Jesus is preached, stands as a place of love in the midst of an area that was once attacked by people filled with hate.
It is a place of refuge. Jesus is our place of refuge.

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