Strengthen Yourself In The Lord

You are down…
You need encouragement…
Maybe it’s in the middle of the night and you don’t want to text anyone or call anyone. But, you are down.
Or, maybe you try to call someone but there is no answer… so.. it’s just you… your thoughts… your problems… What do you do?
I Samuel 30:6 says David “strengthened himself in the Lord.” Let me give you the background.
David was in the little town of Ziklag. The Amalekites had raided the little town, overthrown it and burned it with fire. They also took the women captive.
Then, the people began to talk about stoning David because they were bitter.
So, David is grieving… his two wives were taken captive… He’s down. Yet, he has no one to turn to… Have you ever been in that position?
So what does David do? The Bible says, “He strengthened himself in the Lord…” Ok, that’s a nice verse but what does it mean? How did David strengthen himself in the Lord?  How do we strengthen ourselves in the Lord?
First, we do it by praying and asking God to strengthen us. As we do, the Holy Spirit gives us supernatural power. Our spirits are lifted and the Holy Spirit begins to strengthen us.
Second, we may quote scripture. Maybe there is a verse or several verses that
speak to your heart. The Holy Spirit brings those verses to mind.. and they minister to us.
Third, we may listen to a sermon or a song that touches our hearts. This past Sunday, Holli and I were in worship at FBC Cartersville. The choir was singing a song entitled, “The Waymaker.” The song really touched her. God often ministers to us through music .
Fourth, the Lord may use a Christian friend. Often the words of a friend encourage us.
It may be that you are down today. We can all do what David did and strengthen ourselves in the Lord. Talk to the Lord. I mean, do it right now. God hears us…
If you need prayer, send me a direct message on Facebook and I will pray with you. The Lord wants us to “straighten ourselves in the Lord.”

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