“You’ve Circled This Mountain Long Enough”

Did something happen to you some time back and you are still hung up on it? You still discuss it… you stir it… complain about it? It happens to all of us. When something bad happens, it can really make an impact on us. It probably caused us pain. And because of that, we dwell on it..
The opposite of this can happen as well. Maybe something happened to us in the past that was good and we love to talk about it. In a sense, we are rehearsing “the good ‘ole days” in our minds.
But neither approach is good. In Deuteronomy, Moses is preparing Israel to go into the land of Canaan. The whole book is a second giving of the law… Moses is reminding Israel of what happened in the past and preparing them for the future.
In Deuteronomy 32:3, Israel is circling Mt. Seir. Moses says, “The Lord told me, you’ve been circling this mountain long enough, now turn north.”
Think about that verse… “You’ve been circling this mountain long enough… turn north.”
Some of us have been circling a hurt in the past for some time. I admit, that I’ve done it. When something bad happens, we can get hung up on it.
Some time back, Holli and I were talking about an event in our past. I said, “I wish that so and so would say they were wrong.”
She said, “Gregg, you are looking for something that isn’t going to happen.”
She was right; I was… I . needed to stop circling a mountain of bitterness and move on.
Are you circling a mountain of bitterness? Is there something that happened maybe even a long time ago and you are still circling that mountain? Friend, it’s over… it’s done… And, I hate to upset you but, the person that offended you or the people that offended you… they may could care less… they have . moved on… but you are left still circling that mountain.
On the other hand, some like to rehearse “the good ‘ole days.” Churches are notorious for this. Maybe there was a period in the life of the church that was basically the golden years of the church. They had a wonderful staff… they built some buildings and did some special things… And they love to talk about it.
But those years are gone. The issue is not what the church or an individual did in the past… the issue . what are they doing now?
So, Moses told Israel, “You’ve circled this mountain long enough… now . move north.”
Do you need to stop circling a mountain today?

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