Though Our Sins Overwhelm, The Lord Promises To Forgive

Have you ever done something that, honestly, you could kick yourself for? You think about what you did and… quite honestly, you think “how stupid can I be?” Or, you do something and you are immediately grieved over what you did. You can’t go back and undo it… it’s done… but oh, you wish you could undo it.
Most of us have been there. We all makes mistakes but sometimes, our mistakes may seen worse than others.
Psalm 65:3 says, “Though we are overwhelmed by our sins, you forgive them all.” Think about that verse… “though we are overwhelmed… by our sins…” Whatever we did was so bad we are now overwhelmed by it. But, the Psalmist says that even though we are overwhelmed by our sins, the Lord forgives them all. We have the promise that God loves us and will forgive us.
Now, that doesn’t mean that we may not live with the consequences of the sin. The Lord forgives us but we may live with the impact of our mistake.
For example; let’s say we go through a divorce… and the divorce was caused by mistakes we made… the Lord will forgive us but, irreconcilable damage is done to our marriage.
But, the Lord does forgive us. I don’t know what mistakes you’ve made. But the Lord promises to forgive… even though our sins may overwhelm us, the Lord forgives. And the opposite side of this is, we need to forgive others. Someone may have really blown it royally… If they have asked the Lord to forgive, they are forgiven. Now, maybe you need to forgive. If God will forgive someone, we should forgive. Rest in forgiveness today.

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