Jesus Dealing With Demons

Several years ago, I was talking with another person about an individual the two fo us knew. The person I was talking to said regarding the individual we were discussing, “he has some demons he is dealing with.” I understood what the person meant and I didn’t ask what the demons were.
When you read the life of Jesus in the gospels, one of the things that stands out is Jesus casting out demons. There are several stories of times when Jesus cast demons out. On one occasion, Jesus met a man who had an unclean spirit. The man had been living in a cemetery. Jesus asked what his name was? The man replied, “Legion, for we are many.” (Mark 5) And, there are other stories of Jesus casting demons out of people.
Do demons exist today? The answer is, “yes.” Demons exist in the form of alcohol, drugs, pornography and other things we can become addicted to. Demons may exist in the form of emotional problems a person deals with.
Now, we have to be careful here… demons do exist but that doesn’t mean that everything is demonic but, demons are real. And how do we deal with them? We may seek help in the form of a competent Christian counselor or Pastor or Minister. But, ultimately, Jesus is the only source of power to deal with demons.
Demons are powerful and can cause great pain in the life of an individual but, Jesus is greater than any demon anyone may be dealing with. I John 4:4 says, “Greater is He that is in me than He that is in the world.”
Jesus is the only power that can help us with demons but thank the Lord, Jesus
is able!

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