We Need To Show A Little Compassion

There is a series on Netflix entitled, “Godless.” It’s about a man named Frank Griffin (Jeff Daniels) who rides with a large gang of outlaws. They robbed a train in Creed, CO only to then be robbed by one of their own, a sharp-shooting outlaw named Roy Goode. Griffin promises to kill the people and burn any town that gives protection to Roy Goode. Although Griffin is an outlaw, he loves to quote the Bible and take in young people who have no family.
In one scene, Griffin and his outlaws happen upon a house filled with people who are dying from smallpox. Others have been to this house but they kept riding because they didn’t want to get “the pox” themselves. But Griffin decides to help. He and two of his outlaws bury the many dead people in the house.
At one point, a young lady says to Griffin, “….it’s been a long time since anyone showed some compassion here.”
Now, set aside the fact that Griffin was an outlaw. He is trying to help these people. He risks his own life because, he says, he’s “seen his death and this ain’t it.” He hung around in a place of sick people to help a little.
There is a pretty good picture there for Christians and the church. The young lady in this scene is moved because as she put it, “he’s the first to show any compassion in a long time.”
This house was a house of death.. but he helped them. What about us? Are we willing to show some compassion even in places that are tough? Maybe risky?
Are we willing to show some compassion to the alcoholic or drug addict? What about a single Mom who has made some mistakes but she is still trying to raise some kids.
Some time back, I was in a group of people and I don’t remember how the subject came up but a lady began telling the class about a situation she had where she was trying to decide if she should give someone some money. This is not a direct quote but she said something like, “I hate to do that because I don’t know what they are going to use it for.”
When i heard that, I kind of cringed. Folks, it’s not our job to judge people . Will some use the money for drugs or alcohol? Probably so. But some will use it to buy groceries.
We need to be filled with compassion. In Matthew 14:14, the Bible says of Jesus, “When He went ashore, He saw a large crowd, and felt compassion for them and healed their sick.”
Today, let’s follow the example of our Lord and show compassion for people… even if it’s risky.

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