USE Money – Don’t Let It CONTROL You

“How much money would it take to make you happy?” the question goes.
And the reply is, “Just a little bit more.”
For most people, if they had just a little more money they think they would be happy.        Money drives lots of people and it seemed to be driving Balaam.
The king of Balak sent messengers to Balaam to come and curse Israel. God had told Balaam not to go but Balaam was driven by money so he went.
There is nothing wrong with money… in and of itself. It becomes wrong when money leads us to do something we shouldn’t do and that’s what Balaam was doing.
Everyone needs enough money to pay their bills. But, if God is told not to do something, we shouldn’t do it just because the money is good and vice-versa. I have had Pastors tell me they accepted a church at some point in their lives and they didn’t know what their salary would be. They believed God wanted them to go regardless of what the salary was.
So, question; Does money drive you? Does it guide your decision-making? Again, we all need enough money to pay our bills but money should not become the primary thing in our lives.
Balaam allowed money to lead him to do something God had told him not to do. If we aren’t careful, we can do the same. Use money to take care of the needs of your family and to give to God’s kingdom work; don’t let money CONTROL you.

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