Learning A Lesson From A Talking Donkey

Has there ever been a time when you wanted to do something… you prayed about it and sensed God telling you not to do it… but you did it anyway? And, it probably didn’t work out that well, did it?
In the book of Numbers, there is a very interesting story about a man who did exactly that. His name was Balaam and he had a donkey that could talk… just like Shrek! 🙂
The story goes that the people of Israel were camping across from Jericho. Balak the Moabite King had heard of all that Israel had done to the Amorites so, he sent his men to see a man named Balaam. He asked Balaam to come and curse the people of Israel.
Well, God was ahead of the king… God had already spoken to Balaam and God told him that he was not to go and curse the people of Israel. So, Balak sent some men to Balaam and told him the king of Moab wanted him to come and cure the Israelites. But Balaam told them God had said he couldn’t go. So, they returned to their king.
Balak sent them back and this time, he sweetened the deal and this time, Balaam told them to stay overnight and he would pray and ask the Lord what he was supposed to do. But, the problem with that plan was, he already knew what the Lord wanted him to do… God had told him not to go but… God relented and allowed him to go but, God would use Balaam’s donkey to teach him.
Balaam had to be taught… through a donkey no less, that God’s will was best.
Is there something you are wanting to do but you are sensing God telling you not to do it? God used an animal… a donkey… to teach him a lesson. God may not use a talking donkey with us.. His word and the leadership of His Spirit should be enough.


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