God Is On Our Side

Life is filled with problems, trials… adversity. Everyone seems to be going through something. One person maybe facing marital problems while another is facing financial problems. One person may be dealing with physical problems while another is struggling with emotional problems. How do we deal with this?
One of the ways is by encouraging ourselves in the Lord.
In Psalm 56, David was in Gath, fleeing from King Saul. The King of Gath has David under house arrest and some are encouraging the King to fill David. So, how does David handle this? He say, “This I know: God is on my side!”
Think about that.. David is basically up-to-his-neck in alligators. He has problems everywhere yet, He is able to say, “This I know… God is on my side.”
Sometimes, when times are tough, we can forget that…. that God is with us and God is the sovereign-creator of the universe!
What does it mean that God is with us? It means that God will give us strength.
It doesn’t mean that God will take us out of our adversity…. It means God will be with us in it.
If you are a Christian and trying to do God’s will.. we can know that God is on our side. That doesn’t mean that we face all smooth sailing because life is filled with trials and adversity but, we can known that God is on our side…and will help us as He chooses.

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