“Be Still And Know That I Am God”

Over the last couple of years, Holli and I have become Vikings fans. Not the Minnesota Vikings but “Vikings,” the series on the History Channel. In a recent episode, some of the leaders have given themselves over to another King. Things didn’t work out like they had hoped and they have a meeting to decide what to do. Someone says, “We must pray to the gods.”
One of the other characters says, “Is that all we can do is pray?”
I will admit; I’ve felt like that character before. I have a tendency to want to do something… call someone… take some action.
But, there are times, when all God wants us to do is, be still and trust Him. In Psalm 46:10, the Psalmist said, “Be still, and know that I am God…”
What does it mean to “Be still…”
First, it means to trust God. It means, literally, to be still and trust the Lord. I have a tendency to think I need to do something. I need to call someone… talk with someone… But, many times we need to just “be still..”
Second, it means to cease thinking we can make something happen. Again, I have a tendency to think I need to do something… but at times, we need to just be still.
Third, and this one is tough.. it means to wait on the Lord. I am not a good waiter. I want to see something happening or, I would like to know something is happening. But the Psalmist says we need to, at times, just be still and trust the Lord.
In fact, that is exactly where Holli and I are today. We are in a time of transition… a time of waiting and trusting…
It may be that you have spoken to everyone you know to speak to… you’ve done everything you know to do… you have run out of ideas… and now, you must wait. Just wait. And trust the Lord.
I’m not going to make this pretty…. it can be tough to wait on the Lord. We want to see something happen. But, it really doesn’t matter what we want; Jehovah God is Jehovah God. Last time I checked, He is still the Boss. He made heaven and earth. He spoke the world into existence. He created us. We wouldn’t be breathing if God didn’t allow it.
So, it really doesn’t matter what we want. Who am I to argue with God?
Oh, I can kick and flail and get frustrated… but the Lord looks at me and says, “God ahead, get it of your system…. I will let you burn all that energy and when it’s over, you will realize that I am in control.”
So, today, if you are waiting… well, join the club. And, God’s heavenly hostess may tell us the line is long today… There are other folks waiting as well.. and they have been waiting a while.
So we wait.. and trust. But thank the Lord, the God we trust is Jehovah God, creator of heaven and earth.
“Be still and know that I am God.”

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