“Wonderful Words Stir Our Hearts

There is an old expression that goes; “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.” It’s a nice saying… but it’s not true. Names… words… do hurt. You can be a big tough guy and still be hurt by some ugly words.
One of the things that bothers me about politics in our day is the ugliness you hear… It’s both sides… There is a LOT of hatred out there. There is very little trust and good will.
In Psalms 45:1, the Psalmist said, “Beautiful words stir my heart.” Think about that… “Beautiful words…” What are some beautiful words that. can stir our hearts?
The first, would have to be “love.” When someone says, “I love you,” it stirs our heart.
A second could be the word “help.” If you tell someone, “I want to help you…” that should encourage someone. We don’t hear that a lot today. Everyone is busy… blowing and going… we probably drive by and walk by lots of people who need help.
A third could be “encourage.” When you tell someone, “I want to encourage you,” that should stir their heart. To “encourage” someone means to put courage in them… To lift them up…
A fourth is not one word… but four words together… “You can do this.” When someone says that, they are encouraging another person… “you can do this..” In other words, “I believe in you.”
A fifth, again… is not one word but three… “I am sorry.” When someone does something that hurts us, it can help us if someone says, “I am sorry… I did not mean to hurt you.”
A sixth is not one word but three words… “Jesus loves you.” Those are the best three words someone can hear… “Jesus loves you.” It means our sin can be forgiven… it means there is hope.
Today, I encourage you not to speak hurtful words… instead, speak wonderful words…
You can do this.
I am sorry.
Jesus loves you.
I know there are lots of others… These are just some that came to my mind.
Today, speak wonderful words to someone.

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