Having Faith… When You Doubt

Do you ever struggle with faith? I mean, you don’t question that God exists. You believe the Bible… You have read that Jesus did miracles and you believe they happened. But, even though you believe all that, when you personally need a miracle or, when you are personally begging for Jesus to come through, you believe… but in the back of your mind you doubt…. some.
Don’t beat yourself up for it. A man in the Bible did as well.
On one occasion, a man came to Jesus with this son. His son was possessed by an evil spirit that wouldn’t let him talk. Whenever the spirit seized him, it threw him violently to the ground. Then, he would foam at the mouth and grind his teeth. He had asked the disciples to cast the demon out, but they couldn’t do. At that point, Jesus rebuked them and said, “You faithless generation.”
As the Father presented his son to Jesus the man said, “Have mercy on us and help us… if you can.”
When Jesus heard this, He looked at the man said, “If I can? All things are possible to those who believe.”
The man responded, “I do believe; Help my unbelief.”
I like his honesty. He admitted… “I believe… but at times I doubt… Pray for me that I won’t doubt as much.”
That’s where I am… I have faith… but I struggle with doubt. If you are the same, let’s together give our doubt to the Lord…and He will help us.

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