The Joy Of Helping Those In Need

You come to an intersection. There is a man there or maybe a lady who is holding a sign. The sign says something like, “Need help… God bless you.” You notice them but your careful not to look took long.. you are afraid if they notice you they will walk toward you assuming you want to help them.
You are thinking, “Ok, should I help them or not? Why do they need help? Or they an alcoholic, wasting their money on liquor? Are they con artist? Just trying to make you think they need help?” These thoughts run through your mind.
You have to make a decision quick.. .the light will turn soon. Should you help or not?
You decided to help… you reach in your pocketbook and pull out a $10 or maybe a $ get their attention, roll down your window, they walk over, you give them the money… They say, “God bless you….”
Did you do the right thing?
Psalms 41:1 says, “Oh, the joys of those who are kind to the poor! The Lord rescues them when they are in trouble.”
We should be sensitive to those around us with needs. Are we going to be taken advantage of at times? Yes, we will. But, that is between the individual and the Lord. If we are living for Christ… if we are trying to be like Christ… we will help those in need.    Today… be aware of those around you in need. Buy someone a cup of coffee… maybe buy their lunch… pay for their gas or groceries if you can. Help someone in the name of the Lord!

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