Driving Through The Storms Of Life

Yesterday, as I drove to work in Kennessaw, Ga, I drove through a strong storm. When I left our house it was raining. As I got on the interstate, it was raining. I mean, it was RAINING!
Now, I could have thought, “You know, it’s raining… it’s storming… I’m going to call in and tell them I don’t want to drive through a storm” and, if the. storm had been bad enough, I may could have called and asked if I could wait until the storm passes and then, get on the road. But I didn’t. Yes, it was storming but vehicles have windshield wipers so we can drive through the storms.
Storms come in our personal lives as well. It could be a financial storm or a marital storm or a job-related storm or a physical storm, ie… it affects our health.
In Mark 4, Jesus was with His disciples in a boat on the sea of Galilee. As evening came, Jesus told them, “Let’s cross over to the other-side of the lake.” So, the disciples set out for the other side. Jesus went to sleep.
But in the midst of the night, a storm developed. The disciples became afraid and awakened Jesus. They were a little angry with Jesus because He was sleeping through the storm!
Seeing the storm, Jesus said, “Peace be still!” and the waves diminished and eventually stopped. Jesus had calmed the waters of the storm! Jesus is still calming the waters of the storm. That doesn’t mean we won’t face storms but when we do, Jesus gives us strength. Jesus calms the storms.
Today, whatever storm you are facing, give it to the Lord. That doesn’t mean it’s going to go away over-night but Jesus will help you with it. He may make the storm go away but He will at least give us stength and peace in the storms.
Years ago, Country musician Randy Travis had a hit song entitled, “The Storms Of Life.”
The lyrics went;
“I’d better change my wondering ways I know I’ve seen my better days
Always getting high when I get low
Well I left my soul out in the rain Lord what a price I’ve had to pay
The storms of life are washin’ me away.”
Jesus wants to help us with the storms of life… they don’t have to wash us away. Turn your windshield wipers on, put both hands on the steering wheel, use caution, but keep driving…. through the storm.

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