“Where Could I Go But To The Lord?”

Do you ever feel helpless? You feel like there is no hope? You are at your wits end? It is a terrible feeling.
To think that there is no hope. No one can help me.
My marriage is done…
I’m financially ruined…
I’ve done everything I know to do with my kids…
I cannot seem to find a job…
All of those feelings hurt. You are down and you can’t seem to get up.
David felt the same way. In Psalm 34, David said, “I will boast only in the Lord; let all who are helpless take heart.” Notice the last words… “let all who are helpless… take heart.”
Helpless… that is a terrible feeling.
Think about it… if a person feels HELPless…. they literally feel like there is no one they can call for help. No one…No relatives… no friends… No one.
In a world of billions of people, it is a terrible thought to think that there is not one person you can call for help. Everyone is busy or, you’ve made mistakes and no one will help you.
What do you do?
You do the only thing you can do… you call on the Lord.
David says, “I will boast ONLY in the Lord… let all who are HELPless take heart..” David’s help came from the Lord. He couldn’t find help anywhere else. But his help came from the Lord.
The Lord wants to help us as well. How does it work?
We call out to God… and God may impress some Christian’s heart to help you. I didn’t say they would give you money… they may direct you to an organization that can help you.
That Christian may help you..
The flip side of this is… Christian… there may be someone out there who is helpless.  They have hit rock bottom. They may be praying for God to help them. God may be speaking to you to be the answer to the person’s prayers.
So today… if you feel helpless.. turn to the Lord. God will help us…
There is an old negro spiritual that goes;
“Living below in this old sinful world
Hardly a comfort can afford.
Striving alone to face temptation so
Now won’t you tell me

Where could I go but to the Lord
Where could I go oh where could I go
Seeking the refuge for my soul
Needing a friend to save me in the end
Won’t you tell me
Where could I go but to the Lord.”

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