What Is Your Snare In The Christian Life?

Is there something that represents a “snare” in your life? Something that you are especially tempted by? Something that struggle with? I can tell you that if you are like others, yes there is something that is a snare. We are human and everyone of us have something in our lives that trips us up.
In Exodus 34, the Lord is renewing the covenant with Israel. The Lord tells Israel that when they get into the promised land they are to drive out all of the inhabitants of the land “lest it become a snare in your midst” (Exodus 34:12). God knew that the Israelites were prone to temptation. If they left anyone in the land they would be tempted to worship the gods of those nations and that’s exactly what happened. But God warned them, to run all those people out “lest they become a snare.”
All of us have snares… things that can trip us up or things that can mean more to us than they should. What are your snares?
For some, it may be out temper. For others, maybe it’s our tongue.. maybe we have a tendency to talk more than we should. For others, maybe it’s food. For others, maybe it’s clothing.
All of us have one… and most of us know what our snare is. So, if you know what trips you up or what you are tempted by, you need to stay away from it. Otherwise, it’s going to cause you to sin.
We need to know what our weakness is… and avoid it, lest we trip up and sin and hurt our witness.

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