So You Have Fallen… Get Up And Keep Running

Are you having a hard time forgiving someone? Has someone made a mistake and you are kind of hanging it over their head and not forgetting it? I encourage you to stop that and let people move on.
In Matthew 26, the Bible says that Simon Peter, one of the disciples who was closest to Jesus, denied knowing the Lord. Jesus had predicted the he would and he did… just as Jesus predicted. The Bible says that when it happened, Simon Peter wept bitterly because he knew He had made a mistake.
Ok, since Simon denied knowing Jesus, it’s over for him, right? He needs to just turn his disciples card in and go back to fishing, right?
Fast-forward some.
Jesus meets Simon on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. Jesus asks Simon Peter a question; “Do you love me more than these?”
Peter was honest.. I mean he was the one who denied knowing the Lord so Jesus knew he didn’t love Him more than anything else. So, Simon Peter said, “Lord, I love you but I don’t love you as much as I should.”
Jesus said, “Peter, feed my sheep.”
Jesus asked the same question a second and a third time and Simon Peter responded the same way each time. So, Simon Peter was being forgiven and reinstated by the Lord. Peter had messed up royally but Jesus gave him a second chance.
Their maybe someone you know who needs a second chance. That’s what the gospel is about folks… it’s the gospel of the second chance. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone slips.
Last Saturday Holli and I were helping Robert and Lauren move. My job was to watch Peyton and occupy him so the others could pack boxes. At one point, Peyton started to run and he tripped up and fell in the rocks. Now, he’s a twenty-two-month old boy. He could have laid there in the rocks and Poppa would pick him up. Instead, the twenty-two-month old boy got up and kept running. I don’t think he even brushed himself off.
Maybe you’ve fallen in life. Ok… get up, brush yourself off and keep running.
That’s what Jesus told Simon Peter to do… and Simon would go to preach the first Christian sermon, in history. God has something for you as well.

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