Strive For Justice, Exercise Mercy And Live By Faith

Let’s imagine that it’s Sunday. It’s time for the offering. The offering plates or the buckets… which ever you use… are being passed around the worship service. Some have pulled out their smart-phones and they are giving online. All across the building, people are giving their tithe and offering to the Lord. Then, the Pastor delivers a message and everyone leaves.
Cars pull out of the parking lot and some go to restaurants and others go home. There is an intersection not far from the church. There is a homeless man standing there begging for help. A man who has just been to church and tithed look at the man and thinks to himself; “You bum, you are probably homeless because you wasted all your money…. if you would just get right with the Lord you wouldn’t need money.” Is that the spirit of Jesus? Of course it isn’t!
Yet, that’s exactly what the religious leaders of Jesus day were doing… They were tithing… but they totally ignored justice, mercy and faith.
Going to worship is important… going to Bible study is important.. Giving is important… but we shouldn’t do those and neglect daily living for Christ.
Today, act with mercy… be kind to others… help others as you can…Live by faith and strive for justice.

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