Serving On The Bones Committee

Have you been asked to serve in some capacity and you don’t want to serve? And, you don’t want to serve because the assignment is not prestigious enough for you or, it’s going to be a tough task?
In Exodus 3:19, the Bible says the people of Israel were leaving Egypt. As they did, someone took the bones of Joseph with them. While Joseph was alive he had made the sons of Israel swear that they would take his bones from Egypt. So, as they were leaving Egypt, someone carried the bones of Joseph.
Think about that… someone was carrying bones… not necessarily a glamarous task but someone had to do it. Let’s imagine this were happening today. A church nominating committee would have a “bones” committee. I’m guessing they would have some difficulty getting people to serve on the “bones” committee. I mean, can you imagine someone talking to their neighbor and telling them they are active in their church and that they serve on the “bones” committee? It didn’t sound good but, it had to be done.
Maybe you have been asked to serve in some area that is not glamarous or appealing. It’s a modern-day “bones” committee. It may not be appealing but, it’s where God wants you to serve so, do it. Be willing to serve.
It doesn’t matter where we serve or how we serve… service is service. So if you are doing something you think is insignificant, it isn’t to the Lord. Someone has to serve on the bones committee… maybe it’s you.

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