God Knows Our Hurts And God Cares

Have you ever thought that God has forgotten about you? Have you prayed but it seems God isn’t listening? At some point in your life, you likely have.
In the book of Exodus Israel was crying out to God. Pharoah had made life hard on Israel and the people were crying out to God. In Exodus 3:7 the Lord says, “I have seen the affliction of my people who are in Egypt amd have given heed to their cry…for I am aware of their sufferings.”.
“I have seen….”
“I am aware….”
God knew Israel was hurting and God was preparing to use Moses to liberate Israel. God is aware of our pain as well.
Christian, God may want to use you to be the answer to so eone’s prayers.
God sees our hurts…
God acts by prompting someone to minister to us.
God loves you and does care. It may seem like no one cares but that’s not true. God cares. God loves us.

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