Jesus Felt Compassion And Healed People

We live in a fast-paced, run-and-gun world. If you don’t believe me, stop sometimes just to watch people and to watch the pace that we are living. Everyone is busy. We are multi-tasking trying to get several things done at once.
And, because of this, people don’t have time. There is always something to do… another task to complete.. anther place to go. And, in our fast-paced, busy lives, we may go right past someone who is hurting.
In Matthew 14:14, the Bible says about Jesus, “and he had compassion on them and healed their sick.”
Jesus had compassion. To have compassion means that Jesus cared for these people. People were bringing their sick to Jesus. Jesus felt for them… He cared for them…
Today, at times you may hear someone says, “Who cares?” meaning someone is discussing something that no in interested in.
Well, Jesus cared. He cared enough for the sick that Jesus healed them. But, before He could heal their sick, Jesus had to have compassion.
Jesus could have said, “get your sick people away from me… I don’t have time…”
He could have said, “Listen people, I’m humbled that you have brought your sick to me.. I really am… but I’m tired… I can’t heal your sick.”
But, praise the Lord Jesus didn’t say that!
Jesus had compassion… He felt for these people and then He took action.
What keeps us from having compassion? Some of it is our busy lives. Or, maybe we have our own problems and we are so consumed with our own problems that we don’t think about helping someone else.
I encourage you today to have compassion for people. I encourage you to care for people. And when we do, we are being Jesus to a hurting world.

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